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divider-pageTo Begin Our Business Relationship We Require:
  • A Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement to be signed prior to reviewing client requirements.
Next, we will ask you to prepare:
  • A Statement of Work describing in every possible detail what you as a client require us to develop and the various situations and scenarios that will need to be addressed.
  • All possible information about the proposed product, its applications. This includes schematics, datasheets, bill of materials, etc.

TECHNESYS will prepare a preliminary formal quotation describing our understanding of your product. Upon accepting of the quotation, a Purchase Order, or an Agreement to perform the project will be jointly agreed to. In certain cases, credit references from existing major suppliers will be required. Final deliverables, including all updated documentation and software sources, will be provided once the outstanding balance is paid in full.

If you have any specific requirements, please direct email to
or call us at +1 (905) 300-7918.

Product Development Process

The following describes our Product Development Process which is designed to ensure accurate, reliable delivery, on time at a very reasonable and competitive price.

Definition Stage

  • Initial proposal
  • Statement of Work
  • Customer review and approval
  • Formal Quotation
  • Contract or purchase order

Requirement Analysis

  • Assess customer needs
  • Identify limitations and constraints
  • Receive and review customer supplied hardware, software, specifications
  • Customer Requirement Specifications
  • Acceptance test plan & acceptance criteria
  • Review delivery schedule and quantities
  • Customer review and approval

Design and Implementation

  • Hardware and software overview, testing existing product (if any) at our facility, analyzing electrical performances of the product in all functional modes
  • Design conception, technical details description, Design Specification
  • Customer approval of the Design Specification
  • Design schematics
  • Bill of Materials, parts procurement for manufacturing prototype PCBs
  • Specify type of enclosure
  • Design PCB layout
  • Customer embedded software design
  • Mechanical drawings for enclosure (if necessary)
  • Prepare drawings for wiring and assembly
  • Design review and approval

Pre-production (Prototyping & Testing)

  • Build first prototypes
  • Test the product for functionality
  • Adjusting, calibrating, and debugging
  • Perform preliminary environmental tests
  • Perform other preliminary tests
  • Assemble requested number of prototype PCBs for field-testing
  • Deliver physical prototypes
  • Customer evaluation and testing
  • Feedback and design update
  • Final test approvals
  • Release to manufacturing