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TECHNESYS ELECTRONICS, INC. (TEI) is an established, independent systems engineering and consulting company specializing in the development of electronics hardware and software platforms and systems for a wide range of applications.

TEI has extensive experience in digital and analog design, including Analog Front-End (AFE) signal conditioning (advanced filtering, automated gain control, baseline stabilization, etc.) and Digital Signal Processing (DSP).

Our special area of engineering expertise is REMOTE MONITORING OF HEALTH PARAMETERS such as ECG, Heart Rate, Temperature, Blood Pressure, and Respiration Rate. Due to employing TEI‘s sophisticated proprietary software algorithms (digital adaptive filtering, signal pattern recognition, abnormal artifacts detection) involving machine learning and neural networking techniques, the designed wearable biomedical systems are capable of not only remotely measuring physiological data, but also detecting vital signs at early stages.

IMAGE RECOGNITION AND DETECTION – TEI will create for you an efficient technology for various application, including medical (signal morphology analysis), defense (intrusion protection), drags traffic control, and many others.

TEI has a network of strategically aligned partners to assist and support all phases from product development to successful production.

Whether you are in need of schematic design, SW/FW development, SW  analysis algorithms, PCB artwork, or you may want to redesign or enhance an existing working product or system, we can help.