Circuit Development

Technesys Electronics will take a concept definition and develop the necessary electronic schematics needed to completely satisfy our clients’ final deliverables. By first creating the appropriate schematics, Technesys will produce highly accurate and cost effective Bills of Materials (BOM).

Wherever possible, state-of-the-art integrated electronics are selected, maximizing advanced circuit design techniques that minimize manufacturing costs, optimize performance, and assure long-lasting product quality.

During the circuit-developing phase, all resource limitations are considered, including developmental resources which will be the major consideration when designing low cost solutions, where products are designed for high-volume manufacturing. On the other hand, when product longevity and quality is the dominant priority, resources are allocated accordingly.

The final circuit development will always take into consideration the particular market, product or device type.

In addition, certain sub-sections may be built immediately for qualification before inclusion. Using this technique, finished prototypes can be expected to function correctly on the first power-up, and continue to do so with high reliability.

Schematics and Bills of Materials can be provided as a deliverable in both hardcopy and computer readable formats.

We would sincerely appreciate an opportunity to assist you in design and manufacturing of your valuable products, from concept to production, or any stage in between.

If you have specific requirements, please direct email to or call us at +1 (905) 300-7918.


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